Art of Light & Emotion

For our building company Martin has provided complex photographic services for several years. He photographs our building references from the ground and from the air; he documents our significant portfolios; and has portrayed our management. In this way we are able to well present our portfolio. We can rely on Martin’s photographs on our web site, in our catalogues, at tenders, or during professional competitions.Ing. Juraj Kotúč
General Director
PSJ Hydrotranzit, a.s.

Photos are the most important form of presentation on the web, creating a critical first impression. When choosing a photographer photographing the whole hotel we decided to work with Martin. Immediately understood what we needed. During our pleasant cooperation he was flexible, accurate and well tuned. I also appreciate his experienced eye for detail. He did for us the highest quality photos and I highly recommend his services.
Sona Korecova
Director of Sales & Marketing
DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava

Martin Žilka, for several years, has been an integral part of the International Film Festival Bratislava. He is able to adjust his photographic art and high professionalism to dynamic festival life. With a smile, always in a great mood, and in full disposition, he is devoted to non-commercial work in this culture project.Lea Kaufmannova
International Film Festival Bratislava
Co-founder & Head of Festival Crew

Martin is a professional, who in addition has a huge human dimension. During the wedding he was everywhere and nowhere. We have beautiful colour and black&white pictures, capturing important moments and emotional seconds, which we can now look at with love. If I ever need a photographer in the future, I shall certainly ask him again. Martin, THANK YOU once again.Jana & Robert Trautenberger
bride & groom

We have collaborated with Martin on various projects for more than 10 years – during his work for a mobile operator, on the opening of a new shopping mall, or currently in the restaurant business. I admire Martin’s professionalism, flexibility, and ability to understand and execute the client’s order. Martin’s photographs simply help to “sell” atmosphere or a product.Miriam Benčíková - Kušnírová
Marketing Director
Bencik Culinary Group

Canon Slovakia cooperates with Martin on the testing of new cameras and lenses for their reviews at photo assignments and while travelling as well. We have worked well on the photo workshop for amateur photo enthusiasts. Due to his openness and friendliness on the workshop the participants got a lot of new practical knowledges in a pleasant atmosphere.Dagmar Kociskova
Communication & Marketing
Canon Slovakia s.r.o.

Photographer Martin Žilka, for me, is synonymous with utmost professionalism and reliability, combined with a very friendly, human, and individual approach. He easily wins people’s sympathies, which is very important during the shooting of events. You can smell his enthusiasm and notion of continuously inspiring new trends.Andrea Kohútová
Project manager
MW Promotion, s.r.o.

Martin’s professionalism, empathy, and innovation are an added value, and reasons why we have collaborated with him for several years.Michal Behun
Senior Specialist
KPMG Slovakia

I got to know Martin by accident, which has grown into a personal and professional relationship. I like listening to his innovative visions and I also like to get carried away by a view of the world full of life and nature through the glasses of his lens.Jozef Steffek
Fruit Distillery Cooperation s.r.o.

Martin Žilka has been an incredible part of all the events and promotional campaigns of the Volkswagen Slovakia a.s. company for several years. He perfectly catches moments of sport, or even adrenaline events, from the ground or a bird’s-eye perspective, as well as from our VIP galas. We value his creative approach and ability to materialize what makes our company unique.Mgr. Petra Kapráliková
Public Relations
Volkswagen Slovakia a.s.

Martin, thanks for nice set of studio photographs. I appreciate effective and pleasant cooperation.Tomas Tatar
Detroit Red Wings

Few people today do their jobs with love and passion. Martin is certainly one of them. He believes in our Slovakia, he personally promotes domestic tourism, and that is great. I know a lot of people who cry that it is not possible to live off photographing, but Martin with his strong will and enthusiasm has put them in his pocket. There is always the highest satisfaction with his photographs on the client’s side. An agreement with him is always valid and it does not even have to be on paper.Ing. Matej Hulej
Director Tatry Motion
Tatry mountain resorts, a.s.

One of a small bunch of photographers who meet the challenging international standards for worldwide distribution of photographs for Red Bull. Always with positive responses and maximum professional work that I can rely on. As a chameleon for all types of sport or lifestyle photo shootings, be it extreme mountain conditions or parties, his photographs always breathe with atmosphere and they totally capture the moment.Andrea Zererová
Red Bull Slovakia

They say that one’s wedding day is difficult and stressful. Ours was neither in part because of Maťo, who brought peace and relaxation. We truly enjoyed our photo-shoots with him. Our wedding guests left with a group photograph in their hands, and all of our unique photos were waiting for us after our return from our honeymoon. We can only say this: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!Alica Mihale Razgyelova

Photographer Martin Žilka is a professional “par excellence.” Apart from his perceptive eye, I admire his perfection and feel for detail. I thank him for the most beautiful photographs I have ever seen from Iran, and for the perfect execution of photographs of the Himalayan kingdom of Mustang.Stanislav Tomka
Owner & Manager
CK Sancho Tour s.r.o.