Open Mind, Creativity & Positive Attitude

I am freelance photographer. It is my job, passion, hobby and over all it is my mission on the Earth. I do what I really like to do.

I grew up in Martin, northern part of Central Slovakia, surrounded by the majestic wall of the Fatra Mountains in the Turiec Basin, which aroused my interest in nature and outdoor sports. From a young age I began to explore marvellous and varied Slovakia.

During my studies at the University of Economics in Bratislava, where I studied International Trade, with a passport in my pocket, I developed a passionate desire to travel, and did so, even with few money, no cell phone or credit cards, by hitchhiking throughout Europe, through its metropolises and mountains.

Photography was a naturally developing interest, together with my exploratory and active lifestyle. I enjoy the company of people and friends, for they are the spice and zest of my life, which I like illustrating.

The year, 2001, was a breaking point in my development. In that year I participated in the rafting expedition, Omo 2001, and spent a month with friends in the Ethiopian wilderness, in a steep canyon among hippos, crocodiles, and naked natives.

Thanks to what I learned from the Indigenous tribes, I came to the idea that the man cannot appreciate the joy of life by means of wealth or a level of comfort, but through experience, cognition, and harmony with their surroundings.

I realized that we have only one life to live, and only one chance to live life to the fullest, and that each of us can achieve this in their own way. One should do things with passion, devote themselves to something one enjoys, thus bringing joy to everyone around them, to make the world a better place.

This is why I resigned from my job as a manager after my return from Africa. Since that time, I have not been employed. Shortly after I started to focus on professional photography and I founded the trademark PhotoMartini.

I took some photography courses in Caribbean, where I has been working as a cruise line photographer. Luckily I found there my future wife Maria.

I have travelled through sixty-five countries, paddled to Indigenous settlements in the Amazonian rain forests, dived in the sea near Caribbean archipelagos, trekked across Himalayan valleys, rafted raging rivers on four continents, got to know something of ancient cultures, observed huge mammals in the African savannas, climbed Alpine peaks, and rappelled down waterfalls in breath-taking canyons. The experience from my journeys has completely enriched my life and inspired my work.

I am a photographer for hire. I work on assignments for business companies, agencies and private sector as well as I work on my own projects. This combo is what I enjoy and still relish to this day. I am not interested in joining associations and winning prizes in competitions. I do thousands of people happy through my passion, so I know it makes sense what I do.

My photography portfolio is wide. I do events, portraits, outdoor sports, golf, wedding. I create sets of images on assignments for hotels and industry sector as well.

I help my CLIENTS develop their businesses by means of image communication. An open mind, creativity, a positive attitude towards people, and professionalism are attributes which help me fulfil my mission on this Earth. Light and emotion are the two basic elements from which my photos are made. I am grateful for the CONFIDENCE of my clients, since they allow me to participate in interesting projects and work with the best photography equipment and optics.

We have got three little kids, so I know pretty well what intense happiness looks like and what it takes to maintain a happy family. My recent and most beautiful project is called “All I Like”. It is all about Family, Outdoor and Travel. You can find and support it in the PROJECTS tab.

I prefer communication via images, rather than words, therefore I invite you to take a look at the galleries of my world, which can be found in the PHOTOGRAPHY tab.